Here’s the truth no one is talking about right now….

In 1918, Mothering was hard.

Today, in 2018, Mothering is hard.

100 years later and Mothering is still hard. It’s always going to be hard to be a Mother and we are always going to have a choice to make. Everyday. Us or Them? 

Our world desperately needs us to chose them! Children today are suffering at immeasurable rates and Mothers can change this. We can step up to the challenge of mothering our children!  We can stop complaining, running to our blog or our business, medicating ourselves, crying into a glass of wine again, reading our “Good Enough Mom” books and doing it all over again the next day.

DID YOU KNOW: “Today’s average young person between the age of 9-17 scores as high on the anxiety scale as a young person admitted to a psychiatric ward in 1950.”  Certainly, you know the recent statistics on premarital sex, drugs, dropouts, depression  and suicide!  https://www.childstats.gov/americaschildren/tables.asp

 The truth no one is talking about is that MOTHERS CAN HELP! Mothers can do more. 

As parenting strategies, society and humanity has evolved over the last 100 years, the tried and true lessons kids need of obedience, morality, self-control and physical wellness have been lost to making them feel “heard” “unique” “equal” and “comfortable” All the while trying to make some sort of supernatural “SuperMom” out of an already Super Mother…simply because she has chosen to do a good job as simply a Mother.  This has left us with a generation of restless, confused, lazy, lonely children, and hurting, discouraged, drowning Mothers & Fathers. All of us are lost in our ways, seeking meaning, power and confidence through escape, relationships and performance based love outside the walls of home.  

The Mother Ring will change that.

The Mother Ring will unite Mothers in authority, power and passion for the future of their own children and yours. We will learn, share, connect and grow in our journey of training our children up into the adults we want them to become. Training them.  Training them to not run into the street, brush their teeth, listen the first time, come when called, help with a happy heart, make their bed, chose good friends, tell us when they make mistakes, work hard at school, say their prayers, pleases and thanks you’s – all because their Mothers taught them how! In 10 minutes a day, starting at age 6 Months, 6 years or 16 – WE WILL TAKE BACK THEIR FUTURE and train them into happy, healthy, loving and kind adults we can’t wait to share a meal with.

Thank you for your courage to join our ring of confident, capable Mothers making the true difference the world needs now more than ever.  We are currently creating our content and building our lessons from age old wisdom (CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE). We hope to have them available by fall, 2018.

Please JOIN OUR RING in the link up top and you will be the first to know once they are available. Follow up on social media and you will even get some sneak peaks as we grow!  We can’t wait to change the world with you! #trainedinlove @ #themotherring